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INTGAM0271 - World Cup Soccer

INTGAM0271 - World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer, Dextell Ltd., White label, cartridge only, 1986, Sports/Soccer, 1 or 2 players. World Cup Soccer uses coding from the previously released NASL Soccer, but improves upon the formula by adding headers, player substitutions, tackles, direct or indirect kicking after penalties are called, more lifelike gameplay, and more. As in NASL Soccer, the fine, fun four-on-four soccer action lets players dribble, pass, shoot, steal, and block. During impending scoring situations, the defense can switch control to the goalie. Out of bounds is a factor, as are throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, and overtime games. There are four different game speeds, and halves are 45 minutes in length. The premier Intellivision soccer game.



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