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INTGAM0269 - World Championship Baseball

INTGAM0269 - World Championship Baseball

World Championship Baseball, INTV, White label, cartridge only, 1986, Sports/Baseball, 1 or 2 players. World Championship Baseball uses coding from Major League Baseball, but ups the ante in terms of features. Now there are fly balls, one-player action, the overrunning of bases, and more. The game also includes steals, lead offs, extra innings, three game speeds, four skill levels, guidable pitches, and full player control over fielders and base runners. Unfortunately, the game crashes from time to time, as the manual states: Due to the sophisticated and complex nature of this game, at times interference may appear on your T.V. screen. If this happens simply return to start. The premier Intellivision baseball game. Only World Series Major League Baseball exceeds this title.



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