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ATA26GAM0888 - Warlords

ATA26GAM0888 - Warlords

Warlords, Atari, Complete in Orange box, 1981, Ball-and-Paddle, 1-4 players. One of the best multi-player titles for any system, Warlords has each player guiding a paddle-like shield around their castle in their corner of the playfield, rebounding a bouncing ball away from the castle to keep it safe. If the ball does hit a castle, a brick from that wall will disappear, making the castle incrementally less safe. If the ball goes through a hole in the wall and hits the castle, that player will be eliminated from the action. The game is a graphically simplified port of Atariís 1980 arcade classic. Requires paddle controllers. Unusual box color variation which appears identical otherwise to the common brown box. Not well understood where this box variation originated.



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