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COLGAM0091 - Tournament Tennis

COLGAM0091 - Tournament Tennis

Tournament Tennis, JerryG, Cartridge only, Sports/Tennis, 1 or 2 players. Despite the title, Tournament Tennis does not have a tournament mode. However, it does play a good version of the popular sport. There court is nicely detailed, there’s a line judge and two ball boys, and three difficulty levels are available. There’s even a demo mode. Gamers can use a forehand or backhand to hit the ball fast or slow. The biggest fault (so to speak) with the game is that best-of-five action is all there is. During the mid-1990’s noted video game collector JerryG acquired a selection of unlabeled Telegames Tournament Tennis game Cartridges. He produced and attached attractive gold labels to these Cartridges. We own the only remaining inventory of this early ColecoVision collector inspired release. Fewer than 10 remain available.



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