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ATA26GAM1987B - Tooth Protectors

ATA26GAM1987B - Tooth Protectors

Tooth Protectors, DSD Camelot, Cartridge and Game Instruction manual only, 1983, Action, 1 player. In Tooth Protectors, players guide a smiley faced character left and right above a large row of teeth, deflecting little squares dropped by sinister looking faces that maneuver along the top of the playfield. If players let a tooth get hit three times, it will become decayed, but a toothbrush can be called upon to correct the problem. While not much in the gameplay department, Tooth Protectors is highly collectible, having been only available through Johnson & Johnson (makers of the Reach toothbrush) via mail order. The cartridge is exceptionally fresh with bright white clean label. The game instruction Manual is free of wear and in mint condition. CONDITION GRADE 9/10 EXCELLENT.



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