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ATA26GAM1276B - Thunderground

ATA26GAM1276B - Thunderground

Thunderground, Sega, Complete in box, 1983, Maze Shooter, 1 player. In Thunderground, players drive a tank that tunnels underground in Dig Dug-like fashion. Shooting other tanks, some of which also dig tunnels, is part of the action, as is the primary goal of destroy six nuclear bases located at the top of the playfield. The action moves prohibitively slow, and the game is a cakewalk for the first 10 levels or so, making for a dull game that could have been much better with a few minor tweaks. There’s a lot to like about this game. The cartridge and instruction manual are flawless unworn. The box is sound and free of wear with bold dynamic colors. The top flap tightly closes. A shallow dent on rear mentioned for accuracy. CONDITION GRADE 9/10 EXCELLENT



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