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ATA26GAM0804A - Tax Avoiders

ATA26GAM0804A - Tax Avoiders

Tax Avoiders, American Video, New in shrinkwrapped box, 1982, Non-Scrolling Platform/Climbing, 1 player. In Tax Avoiders, gamers ride up and down an elevator, running out onto four platforms, avoiding red tape while collecting dollar signs. The second screen has players climbing ladders to reach an investment in the form of oil derrick, the sun, a train caboose, or a glass flask. Then, the players must take that investment to a portfolio at the bottom while avoiding a CPA, an investment advisor, or an IRS agent. Becoming a millionaire is easier in this playable game than in real life, but not as much fun. Wonderful conditon with just some slight box dent caused by overtighten shrinkwrap. CONDITION GRADE 9/10 EXCELLENT.



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