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ATA26GAM0691 - Super Breakout

ATA26GAM0691 - Super Breakout

Super Breakout, Atari, Cartridge only, 1981, Ball-and-Paddle, 1 or 2 players. In Super Breakout, players guide a paddle left and right near the bottom of the screen, rebounding a bouncing ball off a wall of bricks near the top of the screen. When a brick is hit it disappears, furthering the playerís goal. Itís an excellent adaptation of Atariís arcade original (1978) and includes all three modes of play: Double Breakout (two paddles), Cavity Breakout (two holes in the wall, each containing a ball), and Progressive Breakout (walls advance down the screen as the game wears on). Also includes the original Breakout. Paddle controllers required.



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