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ATA26NEK0547 - Spike’s Peak/Artillery Duel

ATA26NEK0547 - Spike’s Peak/Artillery Duel

Spike’s Peak/Artillery Duel, Xonox, double-ender Cartridge onlywith heavy label scrape, 1983, Turn-Based Strategy/Action, 1 or 2 players. One of several “double-enders” from Xonox, this two-sided cartridge contains two game programs: Spike’s Peak and Artillery Duel. In Spike’s Peak, a hiker named Spike must zigzag back and forth up a mountain, picking up gold, ducking into caves, and jumping over such obstacles as rocks, eagles, and bears. The highlight of this nicely illustrated game is the slaying of the Abominable Snowman with an axe, but poor controls ruin the fun. In Artillery Duel, a gun turret lies on both the left and right sides of the screen. Players, each controlling a turret, take turns firing across a mountainous landscape with the intention of destroying the other turret. Barrel angle, powder charge, and wind speed and direction make aiming strategic in nature, and various elements (turret and tree placement, for example) are randomly generated for each level. One of the more enjoyable two-player simultaneous games for the 2600, Artillery duel is similar to Smithereens! for the Odyssey2.



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