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ATA26GAM1616 - Speedway II

ATA26GAM1616 - Speedway II

Speedway II, Sears, Complete in Gatefold box, 1977, Racing, 1-4 players. Speedway II is the Sears release of Atariís Street Racer. Other than the title, the games are identical. Speedway II is an overhead view, split-screen racing game with 27 variations and six modes of play: Street Racer (dodge cars); Dodgem (dodge moving obstacles); Slalom (ski through slalom gates); Jet Shooter (destroy enemy aircraft); Number Cruncher (ride motorcycle into numbers); and Scoop Ball (catch balls and deliver them to computer scooper). A thick, vertical bar divides the screen. The blocky vehicles make for an unattractive, primitive looking game, but the multi-player action is pretty entertaining. Paddle controllers required.



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