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ATA26GAM0600 - Spacechase

ATA26GAM0600 - Spacechase

Spacechase, Apollo, Cartridge only with stylized lettering label variation, original release, 1981, Non-Scrolling Shooter, 1 or 2 players. In Spacechase, players maneuver a starcruiser around the bottom 1/3rd of the playfield, shooting at alien ships that move horizontally and fire back, straight down at your ship. A moon in the background, complete with craters and mountain ranges, scrolls downward, giving the illusion of movement, but the game is essentially a non-scrolling shooter (and a mediocre one at that). When Spacechase was first released, gamers could order a special monogrammed edition in which three letters or numbers could be entered, appearing on the screen whenever the player’s ship exploded.



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