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ATA26GAM0606 - Space Invaders

ATA26GAM0606 - Space Invaders

Space Invaders, Atari, Cartridge only with text Label, 1980, Slide-and-Shoot, 1 or 2 players. Space Invaders isnít a pitch-perfect port of Taitoís 1978 arcade game (there are 36 invaders per screen instead of 55, for example), but it is an excellent game. Players guide a laser base along the bottom of the screen firing straight up at rows of aliens that march in unison back and forth, progressively downward. There are an astonishing 112 game variations, including moving shields, zigzagging laser bombs, faster laser bombs, two-player simultaneous, and invisible invaders. A must-own for any 2600 fan.



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