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ATA26GAM0602 - Space Combat

ATA26GAM0602 - Space Combat

Space Combat, Sears, Text Label, Cartridge only, 1978, Non-Scrolling Shooter, 1 or 2 players. Space Combat is the Sears version of Atariís Space War. Other than the title, the games are identical. Similar to Computer Space (the arcade classic from 1971) and the computer version of Space War (1962), Space War for the 2600 has each player flying a rotating, thrusting, Asteroids-like ship, trying to shoot the other ship. Variations allow for a sun in the middle of the screen that pulls at the ships with gravity and a star base in the middle of the screen where gamers refuel and get extra ammo. Historically, Space War is an interesting game, but it hasnít aged particularly well.



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