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ATA26GAM0583E - Smurfs Save the Day

ATA26GAM0583E - Smurfs Save the Day

Smurfs Save the Day, Coleco, Cartridge only, 1983, Music, 1 player. Smurfs Save the Day was originally packaged with Coleco’s Kid Vid Voice Module which is required to play the game. Depending on the activity, players will sort items based on shape, color, and size; create secondary colors by mixing primary colors; and manipulate notes on a colorful musical staff to reproduced melodies played by the cassette. Younger children may enjoy this game, which is based on the 1980s television program. Click screenshot to view actual item. CONDITION GRADE 8/10 VERY FINE. Smurfs Save the Day is unplayable without the Kid Vid Controller and game cassette tapes which are sold separately when available.



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