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COLGAM0287A - Slurpy

COLGAM0287A - Slurpy

Slurpy, Xonox, Cartridge only, 1984, Action, 1 or 2 players. In Slurpy, players guide a round creature around a cave, using his long nose to snort serpents, spiders, phantoms, and other enemies. Players should avoid snorting red objects, especially lethal glow bugs. However, gold glow bugs make Slurpy temporarily invincible. Slurpy looks like an Atari 2600 game, but doesn’t play as well as some of the better games for that console. This title more than other Xonox titles tends to show adhesive mottling on the label. Mottling is caused by the use of an uncoated label stock which has allowed the adhesive to bleed through and darken the label over time. Label mottling is therefore the primary grading criteria for this title. This example is better than most with tightly attached label and even overall darkening of the label. Condition Grade 8/10 VERY FINE.



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