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ATA26GAM1884F - Slots

ATA26GAM1884F - Slots

Slots, Sears, Complete in box, 1979, Gambling, 1 or 2 players. Slots is the Sears version of Atariís Slot Machine. Other than the title, the games are identical. In this game, the slot machine gamers play has three spinning wheels. Pulling the lever sets those wheels in motion, eventually landing on a sequence of bells, bars, TVs, table and chairs, cars, and/or cacti. Of course, the best turnout is three of the same symbol in a row. What gives the game some entertainment value is a two-player gambling mode. Programmed by David Crane of Activision fame. The game cartridge show very slight label fading. The instruction manual is clean with some waviness and the box is sound with light overall wear. Still, a difficult boxed game to find in any condition. CONDITION GRADE 7/10 FINE



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