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COLGAM0069 - Slither

COLGAM0069 - Slither

Slither, Coleco, Cartridge with manual only, 1983, Non-Scrolling Shooter, 1 or 2 players. An excellent port of GDI’s underrated 1982 arcade game, Slither was originally packaged with Coleco’s Roller Controller trackball. Players guide a ship around a nicely rendered desert, shooting upward and downward at snakes that get smaller and faster with each hit. There’s also brush to shoot (which acts more or less like the mushrooms in Centipede), along with infrequently appearing pterodactyls and tyrannosauruses. Fast and fun, Slither is a blast to play. This game was not sold with a box. Requires use of Roller Controller sold separately.



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