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ODYGAM0023 - S.I.D. the Spellbinder!

ODYGAM0023 - S.I.D. the Spellbinder!

S.I.D. the Spellbinder!, NAP, Cartridge only, 1982, Educational/Slide-and-Shoot, 1 player. S.I.D. the Spellbinder! does a nice job infusing an educational element into a fast (in later levels), entertaining shooter. As the title centipede works its way down the playfield (ala Centipede), players guide a gun along the bottom of the screen, firing upward to destroy segments of that centipede, trying to destroy it entirely before it makes it all the way down. After each level, The Voice speech module says words that the player must spell out. A Voice-Enhanced title.



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