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ATA52GAM0082 - River Raid

ATA52GAM0082 - River Raid

River Raid, Activision, Cartridge only, 1983, Vertical Scrolling Shooter, 1 or 2 players. A hugely influential game, River Raid features a jet (which can speed up and slow down) flying over the surprisingly long River of No Return. The player must fire away at planes, tankers, helicopters, and bridges while avoiding crashing into riverbanks or the aforementioned enemies. Flying over fuel depots refuels the plane, adding an element of strategy to the intense shooting action. In addition to helping pioneer the vertical scrolling shooter genre, River Raid is noteworthy for being designed by a female (Carol Shaw). The 5200 version adds various features to the original formula, including tanks travelling across bridges, balloon targets, and precision-guided missiles.



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