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ATA26GAM0546 - Riddle of the Sphinx

ATA26GAM0546 - Riddle of the Sphinx

Riddle of the Sphinx, Imagic, Complete in Box, 1982, Action/Adventure, 1 player. In Riddle of the Sphinx, the son of Pharoah explores an Egyptian desert (which scrolls vertically), searching for treasure to appease the ancient gods. To make progress, the correct treasure must be offered to each temple (hints appear in the instruction manual). In addition, players must throw rocks (or avoid) scorpions and thieves. Helpful items to find include a shield, a jug (for quenching thirst), a spade (for digging up treasure), and more. More complex than most 2600 offerings, Riddle of the Sphinx is an impressive looking and playing game.



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