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ATA26GAM0274 - RealSports Football Soccer

ATA26GAM0274 - RealSports Football Soccer

RealSports Football Soccer, Atari Corp., Cartridge only. The title of the original RealSports Soccer was changed by Atari Corp to include the word Football. c.1986-88, Sports/Soccer, 1 or 2 players. Enhanced with human players (as opposed to simple, mushroom-like shapes) and faster, more enjoyable gameplay, RealSports Soccer is a solid upgrade over Peleís Soccer. The action is still three-on-three, but it scrolls horizontally, and the players donít move in unison. Scoring is typically high, and there are no goalies and no out-of-bounds, meaning realism doesnít appear to have been the programmerís primary goal (despite the title).



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