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ATA26GAM2124 - Raiders of the Lost Ark with Instruction manual

ATA26GAM2124 - Raiders of the Lost Ark with Instruction manual

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Atari, Cartridge with Instruction manual only, original release, 1982, Action/Adventure, 1 player. A complex, ahead-of-its-time adventure title, Raiders of the Lost Ark is based on the 1981 film. Players guide Indiana Jones through temples, mesas, and dungeons, searching for the Ark of the Covenant hidden in The Valley of Poison. Indy must avoid pests (spider webs, snakes, thieves, and flies) and purchase items (including keys, a shovel, and a parachute), but he can only carry six things at once, making for strategy and challenges galore. The 16 page game instruction manual is essential to understanding and enjoying Raiders of the Lost Ark. The game's objective, how to use two joysticks for game play, rooms and objects, and game hints are all included.



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