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ODYGAM0150 - Quest for the Rings!

ODYGAM0150 - Quest for the Rings!

Quest for the Rings!, Magnavox, Cartridge only, 1981, Board Game, 2 or 3 players. This game is an epic, thoroughly engaging quest for 10 mystical rings. To find these rings, players must explore four dungeons, battling such monsters and dragons and orcs along the way. There are four characters from which to choose, each with a different power or weapon: a warrior (sword), a wizard (magic), a phantom (walks through walls), and a changeling (turns invisible). The computer creates random dungeons and monsters, or a third player can join in as the Ringmaster (think Dungeon Master from Dungeons & Dragons). Part of the Master Strategy series, the game comes packaged with tokens, a game board map, and a keyboard overlay.



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