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COLGAM0126 - Quest for Qunitana Roo

COLGAM0126 - Quest for Qunitana Roo

Quest for Quintana Roo, Sunrise, Cartridge only with silver label, 1983, Action/Adventure, 1 player. In Quest for Quintana Roo, players guide Yucatan Sam through dozens of danger-filled chambers, searching for treasure while trying to kill spiders, mummies, and snakes. Sam will find various items to use, including a chisel, acid flasks, healing herbs, and a gun. Unlike the 2600 game, the ColecoVision version includes a Geiger counter. The overall objective is to find five color-coded map rocks and insert them into the correct slots, which are found in the map vault room. This is a substantive game that Adventure fans will love. Includes passwords for saving progress.



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