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ATA26GAM0499 - Pong Sports

ATA26GAM0499 - Pong Sports

Pong Sports, Sears, Text Label, Cartridge only, 1978, Ball-and-Paddle, 1-4 players. Pong Sports is the Sears version of Atariís Video Olympics. Other than the title, the games are identical. Pong Sports is hardly a compilation of Olympic games. Rather, itís a nifty-in-its-own-right collection of Pong-type games, including Pong itself, Super Pong, soccer, Foozpong, Quadrapong, hockey, basketball, and volleyball. Atariís paddle controllers ensure smooth-handling action as players rebound a bouncing ball off a paddle and toward a goal, another playerís paddle, or a wall. Pong Sports is old-school fun.



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