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ATA26GAM0481 - Pigs in Space

ATA26GAM0481 - Pigs in Space

Pigs in Space, Atari, Cartridge only, 1983, Multi-Game Compilation, 1 or 2 players. Based on the Muppet Show skit, Pigs in Space includes three nicely rendered games: Chickenvaders, which is a Space Invaders clone in which Captain Link Hogthrob runs along the bottom of the playfield, shooting link sausages at advancing rows of chickens; Pastaroids, in which Miss Piggy works her way from the bottom of the screen to the top, avoiding pasta and meatballs, the latter of which can be karate chopped; and Escape from the Planet of the Gonzoids, a vertical scrolling shooter in which the Swinetrek shoots pizza-throwing robots while flying through tunnels.



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