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ATA26GAM0474 - Phaser Patrol

ATA26GAM0474 - Phaser Patrol

Phaser Patrol, Arcadia, Cassette tape only in Plastic Box with title sleeve, 1982, Space Combat Simulator, 1 player. In Phaser Patrol, gamers select a space sector from a choice of 36 (displayed via a grid). During battles, gamers maneuver a cursor around starry outer space, firing torpedoes at enemy fighters. Locking the cursor onto its target will cause the torpedo to chase the fighter, and shots that miss will detonate and can destroy enemies. Gamers should pay attention to the elaborate instrument panel, which displays fuel, energy, elapsed time, and ship damage. Phaser Patrol is one of the better space combat simulators of the era. Requires Supercharger unit sold separately.



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