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COLGAM0228 - Pepper II

COLGAM0228 - Pepper II

Pepper II, Coleco, Complete in box, 1983, Maze, 1 or 2 players. An excellent port of Exidy’s 1982 arcade obscurity, Pepper II is a most-own for ColecoVision fans, thanks to super fun gameplay and very cool music (including the Alfred Hitchcock theme). Players guide a smiling angel around a maze (there are four mazes in all), enclosing rooms by zipping up the perimeters of those rooms. Roaming eyes are in hot pursuit, but if players enclose a room containing a pitchfork, the angel will turn into a devil and be able to chase his enemies in Pac-Man-like fashion. Gameplay is similar to Amidar, but vastly superior.



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