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INTGAM0550 - Nova Blast

INTGAM0550 - Nova Blast

Nova Blast, Imagic, LABEL ERROR, Cartridge only, 1983, Side-Scrolling Shooter, 1 player. This game cartridge was mis-labeled by Imagic. The cartridge has a Truckiní game cartridge label but the game itself is Nova Blast. Click screenshot to view actual item. In Nova Blast, players guide a Nova 1 ship around the screen, shooting (left and right) lasers at water walkers, Orion fighters, and other enemies. The ship is also equipped with bombs, which are dropped like those in Cosmic Avenger. The objective is to protect cities along the surface of the planet, and this is made somewhat easier by monitoring a Defender-like scanner, and by the ability to transfer ship energy to the citiesí shields. The ColecoVision version is superior, but this game is fast and fun.



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