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COLNEK0074 - Motocross Racer

COLNEK0074 - Motocross Racer

Motocross Racer, Xonox, Cartridge only with paint splatter on the label, 1984, Motorcycle Racing, 1 player. One of the more playable Xonox titles, Motocross Racer has gamers riding a motorcycle through three different areas: the behind-the-rider desert scramble, the overhead view hill climb, and the side-view beach sprint. Speed and time are of the essence, as is the avoidance of such obstacles as rocks, cacti, dune buggies, and other obstacles (some of which can be jumped over). Along the bottom of the screen is a panel showing record time, gear, elapsed distance, penalty time, MPH, RPM, and record time. Only five crashes are allowed in each race. Predictably, this version has better visuals than the 2600 rendition.



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