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ATA26ACC0014 - Game Copier with Cartridge

ATA26ACC0014 - Game Copier with Cartridge

Game Copier, Yoko, New in box with copy cartridge. The Game Copier was produced in 1983 by Dutch company Yoko. The Game Copier will copy 4K size Atari 2600 video games onto the Yoko Game Copier cartridge. Each single-use only Yoko Copy Cartridge will hold two 4K video games. A 4K Atari game cartridge is inserted into the ’original side’ of the copier and a blank copy cartridge is inserted into the ’copy’ side. A standard Atari 2600 9V power supply is inserted into the power jack and the start button is depressed. When the red ’copying’ light extinguishes, the game has been successfully copied to the Yoko Copy Cartridge.



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