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COLGAM0034 - Fraction Fever

COLGAM0034 - Fraction Fever

Fraction Fever, Spinnaker, New in shrinkwrapped paper box, 1983, 1 player, Educational. As the title indicates, Fraction Fever helps gamers understand fractions, but it contains plenty of action as well. Players, in a side-view, 20-story skyscraper, must ride a pogo stock, go up and down elevators, and get rid of fractions that donít correspond with the fraction at the top of the screen. The game gets progressively faster, making for a challenging time. This game is ridiculed in some circles, but itís actually quite fun. Spinnaker re-released Fraction Fever in cardboard Apple Computer disc game boxes. A sticker covers the original box use with íFor ColecoVision ADAMí.



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