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ATA26GAM1677 - Circus

ATA26GAM1677 - Circus

Circus, Sears, Complete in box, 1980, Ball-and-Paddle, 1 or 2 players. Circus is the Sears version of Atariís Circus Atari. Other than the title, the games are identical. In Circus, gamers move a seesaw right and left along the bottom of the playfield. The seesaw bounces each clown, one at a time, into the air to rows of balloons (which are square). When a clown hits a balloon it will pop, and when an entire row has been popped, another takes its place. When a clown misses the seesaw, he will hit the ground, waving his arms and legs. Breakout fans will LOVE Circus. Requires paddle controllers.



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