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ATA26GAM1420C - Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor

ATA26GAM1420C - Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor

Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor, Xonox, double-ender Cartridge only, 1983, Side-Scrolling Combat/Action/Adventure, 1 player. One of several “double-enders” from Xonox, this two-sided cartridge contains two game programs: Chuck Norris Superkicks and Ghost Manor. One of the first non-boxing, non-wrestling videogames to employ fighting, Chuck Norris Superkicks was also one of the earlier titles to incorporate the name of a movie star. Players guide Mr. Norris along various pathways (keep off the grass!), punching and kicking shuriken-throwing ninjas. The seven levels of play end at a monastery, in which Chuck can earn his black belt. Interestingly, fighting moves are earned along the way, a feature that was also ahead of its time. Easily one of the two or three best Xonox games, Ghost Manor (often called the first survival horror game) is notable for being fun and atmospheric, as well as for being ahead of its time. Gamers guide a boy or a girl (a rarity for the era) from the graveyard outside a haunted house to the inside, where Dracula holds a prisoner that must be rescued. This involves walking through a maze (which is enhanced with electrified walls), shooting spears at bats, scorpions, and skulls, and keeping Dracula at bay with a cross. This double ender combination of Chuck Norris and Ghost Manor is just a step in rarity below the two ultra rare Xonox double-enders featuring Robin Hood and Tomarc. It is a very difficult cartridge to find in any condition. This example has a nice clean appearance with tightly attached cartridge label. The label has darkened in a few areas from the original label adhesive bleeding through the label paper. CONDITION GRADE 8/10 VERY FINE.



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