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COLNEK0120 - Chuck Norris Superkicks

COLNEK0120 - Chuck Norris Superkicks

Chuck Norris Superkicks, Xonox, Double-ender cartridge only sawed in half, 1983, Side-Scrolling Combat, 1 player. One of the first non-boxing, non-wrestling videogames to employ fighting, Chuck Norris Superkicks was also one of the earlier titles to incorporate the name of a movie star. Players guide Mr. Norris along various pathways (keep off the grass!), punching and kicking shuriken-throwing ninjas. The seven levels of play end at a monastery, in which Chuck can earn his black belt. Interestingly, fighting moves are earned along the way, a feature that was also ahead of its time. As expected, this version looks better than the Atari 2600 rendition.



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