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COLCON0029 - Champ Joystick Adapter with Joystick

COLCON0029 - Champ Joystick Adapter with Joystick

Champ Joystick Adapter with Joystick, Champion Electronics Corp., Used condition each. The Champ Joystick Adapter provides a practical solution for those who prefer the use of an Atari joystick instead of the standard ColecoVision controller. The Champ Adapter plugs into the ColecoVision system's controller port. Any standard 9-pin joystick (Atari) is then plugged into the Champ Joystick Adapter. Use the keypad on the Adapter for game selection and controller overlay use and your preferred joystick for game play. The Champ Adapter was packaged with the Champ Joystick here.



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