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ATA52GAM0011 - Centipede

ATA52GAM0011 - Centipede

Centipede, Atari, Cartridge only, 1982, Non-Scrolling Shooter, 1 or 2 players. In Centipede, players guide a magic wand around the bottom 1/4th or so of the screen, firing upward at scorpions, fleas, spiders, and, of course, centipedes, the latter of which maneuver snake-like down a field of mushrooms. Shooting the mushrooms alters the playfield, making for a different experience every time you play. The game works beautifully with Atariís trackball controller, which gives players an arcade like experience. Based on Atariís 1980 coin-op classic. For use with standard hand controller or Trak-Ball Controller sold separately.



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