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ODYGAM0234 - Blockout!/Breakdown!

ODYGAM0234 - Blockout!/Breakdown!

Blockout!/Breakdown!, Magnavox, Complete in box, 1980, Ball-and-Paddle, 1 or 2 players. This game is similar to Breakout, with players guiding a paddle back and forth near the bottom of the screen, keeping a ball in play by bouncing it off the paddle. The objective is to make a brick wall along the top of the screen disappear by hitting the bricks with the ball. The cartridge adds to the Breakout formula by including stick figure demons (controlled by the player or the computer), who rebuild the walls. Blockout!/Breakdown! is fun, but Breakout for the 2600 is better since it employs the Atari paddles for faster, more precise control.



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