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ATA26GAM0935A - Atari Video Cube

ATA26GAM0935A - Atari Video Cube

Atari Video Cube, Atari, Cartridge only, 1983, Puzzle, 1 player. Atari Video Cube was only available via the mail to Atari Club members, making it an extremely rare game. Players guide a man who walks around each side of a Rubik’s Cube-like construct (which employs a nifty rotating visual effect), picking up squares and changing them out with other squares. However, he cannot walk over squares that are the same color as he is. Variations allow for invisible squares and for the computer to play the game. The objective is to race the clock or finish the puzzle in as few moves as possible. Later released as Rubik’s Cube. Perfect in all respects. CONDITION GRADE 10/10 FLAWLESS.



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