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ATA26GAM0813 - Arcade Pinball

ATA26GAM0813 - Arcade Pinball

Arcade Pinball, Sears, Illustrated label, 1981, Pinball, 1 or 2 players. Arcade Pinball is the Sears version of Atariís Video Pinball. Other than the title, the games are identical. The table targets in Arcade Pinball consist of square bumpers, rollovers, and spinners. Using a pair of flippers positioned on the bottom/center of the screen, gamers should keep the ball in play, hitting the aforementioned targets again and again. Players canít catch the ball with the flippers, and ball physics are laughable, but ball movement can be influenced a bit by pushing on the joystick. Arcade Pinball is a decent pinball game for the era, but Atari would do better a few years later with Midnight Magic.



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