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ATA78GAM0075B - Alien Brigade

ATA78GAM0075B - Alien Brigade

Alien Brigade, Atari, New in shrinkwrapped box, 1990, Light Gun Shooter, 1 player. The sequel to Planet Smashers, Alien Brigade has players guiding a cursor around or aiming a light gun at the screen, firing away at tanks, spaceships, helicopters, brainwashed soldiers, and other enemies while being careful to avoid such innocents as mermaids and panthers. Weapon power-ups include rockets, a laser rifle, a dart gun, and a flamethrower. The almost nonstop shooting action is fun and fast paced. Atari XE Light Gun compatible but will work with a regular controller. Shrinkwrapped examples of Alien Brigade are exceedingly rare. Many collections lack this title even as a loose cartridge and few can boast of owning a shrinkwrapped copy. The game box is perfect without wear, dents, or creases. The original store price sticker has been partially removed from the shrinkwrap removing a piece of the shrinkwrap along with it. This small shrinkwrap imperfection is the basis of the condition grade. CONDITION GRADE 9/10 EXCELLENT.



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