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ATA26GAM0021 - Air Sea Battle

ATA26GAM0021 - Air Sea Battle

Air Sea Battle, Atari, Illustrated Label, Cartridge only, 1977, Non-Scrolling Shooter, 1 or 2 players. Air-Sea Battle consists of six types of shooting games: Anti-Aircraft, Torpedo, Shooting Gallery, Polaris, Bomber, and Polaris vs. Bomber. Gameplay consists of aiming and firing a ground-based gun at submarines, aircraft carriers, pirate ships, ducks, and other targets that move horizontally. Or, players captain a ship travelling across the bottom of the playfield, firing upward at flyover planes. Or, players pilot a plane flying across the top of the playfield, dropping bombs on enemies. A favorite of many longtime 2600 owners, Air-Sea Battle was a launch title with the system.



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