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ATA26NEK0239 - Adventures of Tron

ATA26NEK0239 - Adventures of Tron

Adventures of Tron, M-Network, Cartridge only with broken case, 1982, Non-Scrolling Platform, 1 player. Adventures of Tron is a typical platformer inspired by a not-so-typical film (Disney’s visually stunning Tron). Players guide a tri-colored Tron as he runs across platforms, rides elevators, and jumps over tanks, Recognizers, and grid bugs. The larger enemies are tough to jump over. The side-view depicts four platforms connected by a pair of elevators with a shaft running down the center of the screen. There are two difficulty levels, one of which runs a bit slow and the other prohibitively difficult. Giving Tron discs to throw would have made for a better game.



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