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ATA26GAM0016 - Adventure 

ATA26GAM0016 - Adventure 

Adventure, Sears, Text Label, Cartridge only, Action/Adventure, 1 player. Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, Adventure is a popular, highly immersive 2600 title in which players guide a hero through three large, color-coded (gold, white, and black) castles (which are separated by rooms, pathways, and labyrinths), searching for a sword (for slaying dragons), an object-moving magnet, keys, and a bridge (for passing over walls). The overall goal is to find an enchanted chalice and take it to the gold castle. Influencing numerous console RPG and adventure games to follow, Adventure was designed by Warren Robinett, who programmed a secret room containing the phrase “Created by Warren Robinett,” thus establishing the first Easter Egg in a video game.



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